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October 6, 2020

Steps to make your first international payment

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Wallex International Payments offers you a quick, secure and cost-effective solution for making international payments in global currencies as an overseas transfer. Here we'll take you through a step by step tutorial to execute a foreign exchange payment through your Wallex multi currency account.

1. Log into your wallex account

2. Click on Send Money in the main navigation menu

Send money tab in navigation bar

3. Fill in all the relevant mandatory fields on transfer amount in section 1.

Select an existing bank beneficiary from the drop down list in section 2.

Add additional information about the purpose of payment in section 3.

Read here about adding a beneficiary.

4. Click on the Make Payment button.

5. Enter the verification code received on your registered email id.

6. Fund the payment request via Wallex Account Balance or Bank Transfer. Please note that you should fund the payment request within 12 hours.

  • Option 1 Using Wallet balance : Click on Fund with my Wallex Balance to fund the payment request with the existing balance.
  • Option 2 Bank Transfer : Account details to make a bank transfer can be found on the payment submission screen and are also available below. Please enter the Reference number / funding reference in the description for accurate and faster processing of your transaction.

If you need any support for bank transfer write to us at [email protected] or speak to your account manager.

7. Once funded, the status of your transaction will be updated to “Processing”. You will also receive payment confirmation via email.

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