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December 11, 2023

PSA: Launching a New Log-In Method for Wallex Singapore Users

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From 16 December 2023, all users in Singapore will enjoy a simplified platform login experience.  

Let’s break down the key changes, and the important things you should take note of.

What Has Changed?

1. Simplified Sign-in Experience

Simplified Log-In Experience | Wallex

Gone are the days of juggling with multiple usernames! To make life easier for you, we are adding 2 new methods for users to sign in to the Wallex platform.

Starting 16 December 2023, you can securely sign in using either your registered email address or opt for authentication via Singpass.  

With that in place, users will no longer need to remember a separate user id for the platform moving forward.

2. Seamless User Interface on Wallex Dashboard

Seamless User Interface | Wallex

Good news –– we’ve heard your feedback! Your hassle of juggling multiple accounts have not gone unnoticed.

Our upgrade guarantees a seamless transition between your multiple accounts on the Wallex Dashboard.

3. New Look & Feel of the Platform

For the keen-eyed users, you may have already spotted something different about our platform. If you did, you’re spot on!

As part of our recent rebranding, we have updated the look and feel of the platform. So, take your time to get familiar with the new look!  

What Should You Take Note Of?

Email Sign-In

Once the changes kick in, email will be the primary sign-in method for all Wallex users. You will be able to sign in with the email address that you originally registered with.

To ensure security, every Wallex user is required to have a unique email address.  

Should your account details have been affected, you should have received an email from our team informing you of the actions required.  

If you missed the email or have further questions, simply drop your Account Manager or Relationship Manager a message to sort it out!

Singpass Sign-In

For Singpass holders, you can now use Singpass authentication as a seamless alternative to sign in and access your linked accounts with one NRIC/FIN number.  

All our existing users who are registered Singpass holders and have their NRIC/FIN numbers updated in our system can also enjoy using Singpass to sign in.

This enhancement not only adds flexibility but also ensures an added measure of security to safeguard your financial transactions.

If, on the off chance, you encounter any log-in issues, kindly contact our Support team at [email protected].


How can I log in?

Currently, the log-in method is via username and password. Moving forward, this will be replaced with either your unique email address and password or through Singpass authentication.

Will Singpass Mobile login replace other login methods (e.g. via username)?

Singpass Mobile is a new login method. You can continue to use your registered email to login and access Wallex. Please ensure that your email is unique and avoid sharing it with colleagues and peers.

If I cannot log into my account, what should I do?

Please contact our support team at [email protected] or your Account Manager directly.

Who do these changes apply to?

These changes are only applicable for customers of M-DAQ Payment Solutions Pte. Ltd (formerly Wallex Technologies Pte. Ltd).

(Updated as of 26 March 2024: Wallex Technologies Pte. Ltd. is entering a new chapter in its journey, evolving into M-DAQ Payment Solutions Pte. Ltd. This name change follows our acquisition by M-DAQ Global and marks a significant milestone as we integrate into the Group, uniting our strengths to serve you even better.)

How does this affect security?

Tremendously – in a positive way! The security of our platform is of utmost priority to us. In fact, the migration from a username sign-in to an email sign-in method or Singpass authentication is not just a routine platform update.  

These enhancements add a substantial layer of protection and reflects our commitment to security, ensuring that you can carry out transactions with peace of mind.  

Furthermore, the introduction of the Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will further fortify security with its comprehensive embedded security flow that ensures the authenticity of users.

Experience the Wallex Difference

Feeling the excitement? If you read to the end but have not created an account yet, it’s not too late to enjoy the enhanced Wallex experience. Connect with us and switch to Wallex today!

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