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October 4, 2022

Indonesia E-Commerce Enabler SIRCLO Cut Down on Time and Costs with Wallex

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"We can save hours every week with Wallex’s online platform"

-Jane Aprillia Gosal, Finance Manager, SIRCLO


SIRCLO is Indonesia's e-commerce enabler and technology company, empowering businesses to sell online by offering 2 main categories of solutions; the Entrepreneur and Enterprise solutions. In the entrepreneur category, SIRCLO offers an online store management platform for SMEs to sell across 3 various platforms (website, marketplace, chat commerce), namely SIRCLO Store. In the enterprise category, SIRCLO offers an end-to-end e-commerce enabler service through SIRCLO Commerce and solution for omnichannel technology development through ICUBE by SIRCLO.

Altogether, SIRCLO has helped more than 100,000 brands to grow their online business. SIRCLO’s solution has been trusted by local brands entailing ATS The Label, Benscrub, Evete Naturals, Namaste Organic, This Is April and Heytimmy Kidswear, as well as trusted by established brands such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, KAO, L'Oréal, and Levi's.

SIRCLO often deploys software or vendors from multiple countries outside of Indonesia to enable some of their services and need to make frequent transactions to various countries, including Singapore, United States, China, etc. from their headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Since one of the group companies switched to Wallex the positive experience has driven many of the company entities to use Wallex for making cross border payments from Indonesia.

The Challenge

‌1. Transaction limits of online banking

Even though most banks in Indonesia now offer online services, they do so only for a small number of payments with a limit of USD 25,000. For high value transactions, it is mandatory to visit a bank branch. They could execute a few low value transactions via online banking, but this meant users still need to go to the bank branch for high amount transactions

2. Time inefficiency

The daily transaction limit, coupled with the limited operational hours of banks, an inefficient amount of time can be spent in making cross-border payments - taking up to 3 hours to execute a single transaction. Not to mention, the need to fill up complicated paperwork during the branch visit.

3. Expensive transfer fee & exchange rate

As the bank charged a percentage (%) fee, their high value transactions resulted in hefty fees. Given a business’ need for moving large amounts of money, this meant heavy costs incurred across all FX payments.


With Wallex's flat-fee offering in Indonesia instead of a % fee, SIRCLO is able to save a significant amount of costs and achieve higher efficiency in company expenses.

Wallex's easy-to-use and secure online platform was very easy to use and saved lots of time and effort, by completely eliminating the need for physical visits to the bank branch.

"There is also no need for us to file lots of paperwork, it saves time and saves the earth with less paper!"


Now, by using Wallex's online platform and simpler payment experience, SIRCLO’s Finance team is saving hours every week and gains the following:

  • Ability to make transaction anytime, from anywhere
  • Requiring only 15 mins max to initiate a payment (previously 3 hours)
  • Simpler paperwork ‌
  • Benefit from Wallex's flat fee for international payment versus the previous Bank's % fee on every transaction.
  • Avails of competitive rates compared to Banks and other payment alternatives in Indonesia

Globalise your business and simplify your payments with Wallex.

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