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Hemat hingga 85%
biaya pembayaran international bisnis Anda

Dapatkan solusi pembayaran cerdas, berbiaya rendah dan disesuai dengan perkembangan bisnis Anda

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Berlinsensi dan diregulasi di Singapura, Indonesia dan HongKong

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Platform yang dirancang untuk pembayaran internasional

Memulainya mudah, cukup transfer dana dari bank atau kartu Anda ke akun Wallex, dan lakukan pembayaran dari saldo akun Anda.

Penerima tidak perlu memiliki akun Wallex untuk menerima dana - tetapi apabila mereka memilikinya, dana akan diterima secara instan dan tanpa biaya.

Membayar pekerja lepas seharusnya tidak mahal atau menyita banyak waktu. Dengan Wallex, membayar pekerja lepas menjadi lebih mudah, cepat dan lebih murah dari PayPal, wire transfer maupun pembayaran kartu.

Memulai produksi, terima layanan atau pengiriman barang lebih awal dengan supplier Anda menerima pembayaran hingga 75% lebih cepat. Margin keuntungan Anda akan meningkat sedangkan pengeluaran akan menyusut dengan nilai tukar yang mendekati nilai tukar tengah

Bayar tagihan berulang atau kelola penggajian dengan kurs terbaik dan fitur batch payment. Mudah diatur, cukup dengan menggungah berkas berisi penerima dana, jumlah dana dan mata uang - dan Anda bisa membayar pembayaran berulang dalam sekali proses.

The best way to manage global payments for your business

Best FX Rates, Cheaper than Banks

Get access to mid-market FX rates and transparent fees for payments anywhere in the world. Add these significant savings and you will never use banks for your international payments again.

Direct, Faster than Wire Transfer

By connecting directly to a network of payment partners around the world you skip middlemen, get faster processing times and avoid unnecessary fees.

Global coverage

Make cross border payments into any of our 46 supported currencies covering 180 countries from our platform. Pay invoices in currencies like USD, SGD, AUD, EUR, GBP, MYR, JPY, PHP and more.

Exceptional service

All our business customers have a dedicated account manager, based locally and available on phone or whatsapp to provide guidance on any query - big or small.

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Marugame Udon
Smailing Tour

Yang Pelanggakan Katakan Mengenai Kami

Kami bekerja dengan beberapa perusahaan tersukses di Asia untuk kebutuhan Valuta Asing dan Transaksi Perdagangan Internasional mereka.

Wallex has a friendly exchange rate. They also have a quick response and reliable customer service. Wallex enables us to save money from expensive transfer costs.

Liliana Bambang
CFO, Investree

After using Wallex, we reduced international transfer fees by up to 50-60%. This is an example of a financial services platform that allows businesses to run more efficiently and practically.

Akhmad Nurhidayat,
CFO, Marugame Udon Chain of Restaurants

Wallex allows for fast collection of funds in USD at very competitive rates! With my earlier provider we were restricted to receiving and sending payments from limited countries. Now there are no such restrictions.

Mr.Toh, Director,
Aqueous Infinite Pte Ltd

Platform terbaik untuk mengirim uang ke luar negeri. Wallex sangat membantu saya dalam membayar supplier di Korea dan Cina. Katakan selamat tinggal pada biaya transfer yang mahal dan tidak perlu lagi mengantri lama di bank.

Dewi Permata Sari,
Shopee Marketplace Vendor

Wallex really helped us to make payments to our overseas vendor. The quick response from its team and the competitive rate makes us save both our time and money.

Cynthya, VP Finance
Smailing Tour


Tunduk pada regulasi dan aman

Wallex bekerja dengan regulator keuangan untuk menjaga standar keamanan terbaik untuk melindungi data Anda - dan organisasi Anda.

Diregulasi sebagai bisnis remintansi oleh Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Nomor lisensi: PS20200433

Bisnis remintansi berlisensi dibawah regulasi Bank Indonesia. Nomor lisensi: 20/235DKSP/83


Diregulasi sebagai bisnis remintansi oleh Customs and Excise Department Hong Kong. Nomor lisesnsi (MSO): HKCE19-12-02935

Berlinsensi dan Mengikuti Peraturan

Berlisensi penuh dan diawasi sepenuhnya oleh Otoritas Moneter Singapura (MAS) dan Bank Indonesia (BI)

Enkripsi ujung-ke-ujung (End-to-end encryption)

Komunikasi antara insfrastruktur Wallex dan lembaga keuangan dikirimkan melalui jalur yang terenkripsi. Yang berarti bahwa seluruh data dan uang Anda akan aman.

Frequently Asked Questions

The internet has improved our lives in many ways yet corporate payments remain left behind in the form of old and clunky banking systems. Wallex aims to provide customers with a powerful digital corporate FX solution that allows businesses to pay, receive, hold or convert funds in multiple currencies, all via our secure electronic platform.

Wallex allows you to hold balances in different currencies. This enables you to hedge your foreign currency needs in advance and protect your business against unnecessary FX losses.

Wallex is licensed and regulated by Bank Indonesia and is also licensed in Singapore and Hong Kong. All customer funds are kept segregated from all other Wallex accounts. We operate within a very strict framework both for compliance and for the safety of funds in our custody.

When you transfer money via banks, not only are you charged a high processing fee, you are also exposed to excessive FX margins. The process is also lengthy and troublesome. With Wallex, not only do we give you access to rates that can slash your transaction costs by as much as 70%, you are also able to make global payments in minutes.

We enable overseas payments and FX conversions in 46 major currencies to 180 countries in the world including USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, AUD, JPY amongst others.The full list of supported currencies is available for Singapore and Indonesia customers. We are constantly widening our currency offerings, do talk to us for any specific requests.

For international payments in Singapore Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah, our average processing time is under an hour. We also deliver same day payments for 20+ currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, MYR and more for funds received before the daily cut off time. Depending on the currency you are making the payment in you can expect your funds to reach from the same day to 2 working days upon our receipt of your funds.

Our services are designed for business, so we can capably handle frequent and high value transactions on your behalf. With our Bulk Payments feature you can also set up and execute multiple transactions at the same time.

It’s free to open an account. We don’t charge any subscription and maintenance fees or fees for receiving money. There are no minimum balance requirements either. We charge a flat % fee based on the currencies that you wish to make a payment in. The conversion is done for you at extremely competitive near mid-market rates. Say goodbye to obscure exchange rates and Hello to price transparency!

Start with signing up for your Wallex account. There is no cost or no minimum commitment when you sign up. Once your account is verified, you can start making international payments online.

Para investor

Didukung oleh para investor dan pengusaha berpengalaman kelas dunia

Bergabunglah bersama kami dalam revolusi transaksi lintas negara dan sistem pembayaran internasional bersama ribuan pengguna Wallex untuk melakukan transformasi dalam melakukan bisnis global.

BAce Capital
Skystar Capital
Developer API

Berinovasi dengan Wallex API

Dengan Wallex Developer API, bisnis Anda akan memiliki apa yang dibutuhkannya untuk mengintegrasikan kemampuan pembayaran lintas batas secara mulus ke dalam platform Anda yang ada.

Developer Docs

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