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February 9, 2022

Quals: Capitalising on Fit-For-Market Capabilities

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Supporting small-medium businesses is our primary mission at Wallex, so we are glad to connect with companies that are working towards the same efforts. Quals is one of these companies, working passionately to support small-medium businesses in the region to scale up by providing access to capital and collaborative opportunities.

We recently spoke with Ms. Wen Li, Business Development Manager of Quals, to hear more about Quals’s work, company hardships and successes, and where Quals is headed.

Can you walk us through the journey of Quals so far and what customer problems are you solving?

Quals Business Consultants Pte Ltd was established in Singapore and provides a wide range of corporate services since 1987. We support the needs of SMEs in the region, help businesses scale across ASEAN by connecting them to industry experts and develop fit-for-market solutions to power their growth, maximise their efficiency, enable long-term success and bring their business to the next level.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from?

The mission of Quals is to provide fast and reliable solutions in corporate services and consulting to SME, individuals, and other organisations. Our tagline – One Firm, One Mind - is emblematic of our commitment to taking care of our clients and their employees, delivering better ways of doing business, and creating a cycle of successes. It is not just about the transactions we make, it is about the relationships we build. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients’ businesses and becoming a true extension of their teams. They can trust our company, our people, and the solutions we provide.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

The pandemic brings about unparalleled challenges for companies, including ours. However, this also presents an opportunity for us to look inward and improve our internal capabilities for post-pandemic growth. We rethink our strategies to find innovative solutions to sustain growth amidst workplace lockdowns, and start thinking about adopting for our businesses in today’s fast changing world.

During this pandemic, Quals has embarked on a digitalisation roadmap beyond our ecosystem. We also expanded the scope to help our clients to transform their businesses. Digital transformation has played a crucial role in the success and survival of many SMEs. We always welcome and support our clients to join us in our digitalisation journey.

Is there anything you know now, that you wish you knew when you were starting out? What are your priorities now, how have they changed.

New challenges bring new opportunities. It is now more important than ever for Quals to adapt, innovate and re-align business strategies to stay relevant and unleash growth potential.

We need to leverage technology to drive successful transformation across all our processes, functions and people. We need to gain insights on succeeding in the ever-changing business landscape and capture opportunities in growing areas such as digital transformation and green finance. Growing a business is never easy, but digitalisation can give us a boost.

What are the growth plans for your company this year?

Quals will continuously support SMEs and local brands by providing advice on their transformation roadmap so that they have the ability to explore overseas markets and reach out to internationalisation. In 2022, we shall continue to upskill, reskill and new skill employees to stay competitive and productive. We also will get started on our CSR journey and collaborate with local charity organisations for our ESG effort. We hope our team, our client and partners including Wallex can join us together in this meaningful journey.

We do hope the pandemic situation will soon stabilise so we can expand and work with more clients from various sizes in South East Asia and other markets. Wallex will contribute to ensuring that our costs of doing business globally including cross-border payments remain low and flexible to support our global growth.

QUALS is #MadeInAsia, part of our initiative to celebrate and recognise the importance of innovative businesses in Asia.

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