Powerful business account for all your multi currency needs

Accelerate your journey to the global marketplace with a Wallex account — designed for your business's needs to pay partners in multiple currencies on an intuitive online platform.

Global Payments and FX solutions built for Asian businesses

The Wallex platform is an international payment solution designed to empower businesses with greater speed, support and savings.

Pay partners globally

Make international payments in 47 currencies via our online platform.

Convert FX at bank beating rates

Convert FX in 47 currencies at near mid-market rates with real-time execution of every order from a global network of liquidity providers.

Designed for businesses

Streamline and strengthen your processes with bulk payments, maker-checker workflows, and transaction tracking.

Regulated and secure

Wallex is licensed and regulated in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


Pay partners and staff wherever they are

Make seamless and fast cross-border payments to business partners and employees in 47 currencies with the most competitive, near mid-market rates.


Set up virtual accounts in any of our supported 36 currencies to collect overseas payments and operate as if you have a local currency bank account.


Hold and manage 13 top currencies in your Wallex business account, which connects seamlessly to your global payments, FX and virtual accounts for a full cross-border payment solution.


Competitive FX rates

Convert FX in 47 currencies at near mid-market rates when rates are favourable to you. Get real-time execution of every order with Wallex's global network of liquidity providers.

Get started to send money in 3 easy steps

Step 1 : Create your free account
Signup for free and share relevant documents to support your application.
Step 2 : Tell us about your business
Share information about your business requirements that will allow us to tailor make our services for you.
3. Start transacting
Once approved, you can start adding beneficiaries and set up your international payments through our online platform.

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Why should my business choose Wallex?

Wallex brings international payments with near mid-market rates to your business, ensuring you'll have a much more streamlined experience while saving on every transaction.

What can I do with a Wallex account?

You can pay suppliers in 47 currencies. You can also access business-friendly features such as transaction tracking, maker-checker workflows, and bulk payments.

Can I pay and collect in USD?

Yes, you can pay your beneficiary in USD via TT or the local channel, depending on your requirements.

How long does it take to set up an account?

Setting up an account takes only a few minutes. Once that is done, you'll need to provide some documents to be fully onboarded, and then you can begin transacting.

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